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Coming Soon… Business development & strategy Participation: Strategy, direction and hands-on work Canary is an intelligent database of name pronunciations. Canary allows users to capture, store and share their proper name pronunciations. Canary has developed and is licensing database access, API …

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The Power of Smell

Experience Strategy  Participation: Strategy, direction and hands-on work As the oldest sense, scent is connected directly to the olfactory cortex – the same place that stores our emotional memories. The Solution To digitally harness the sense of smell a new mechanism …

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Coming Soon ….. Experience Strategy Participation: Strategy, direction and hands-on work  

epicFeature View Detail

Epic Mountain Gear

Brand Strategy and design Participation: Strategy and hands-on work Challenge: Rebrand and refresh o2gearshop.com as Epic Mountain Gear

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Brand Development

Sampling of branding, identity & logo development. Identity & Brand development Participation: Strategy, direction and hands-on work Challenge: Develop branding & Identity systems.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy & direction for web, email & 3rd party affiliates  Participation: Direction and hands-on work Challenge:o2gearshop.com needed a new refresh to it online digital marketing & email marketing campaigns.

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Squash Promo

Promotional & Event Materials Participation: Direction and hands-on work Develop a system of posters for the Lifetime Fitness Squash league. This included promotional posters, flyers & event shirts.

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Brand Study

Assessment and development of new guidelines for o2gearshop.com Participation: Strategy, research and hands-on work Challenge: To align o2gearshop.com with other brands in the Vail Resorts portfolio. Establish brand consistency.Improve onsite user experience. Download brand assessment here Download brand guidelines here

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Corporate Collateral

Detailed design work for ExpressJet Airlines Participation: Direction and hands-on work

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Clear Blue Skies

Foundation development & strategy Participation: Strategy, direction and hands-on work Clear Blue Skies is a non-profit, grass-roots foundation to support the increased uses of clean algae fuels in the airline industry.

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Photography to support ExpressJet Airlines opperations

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Responsive Web

Overhaul and redesign of ArcServe.com. Responsive solution for mobile, tablet and desktop experiences.

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Web development & strategy Participation: Strategy and hands-on work The Northeast Georgia Boy Scouts of America need to offer a more engaging online experience to their user. A new site was developed to offer a better experience and interface.

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Photography from Engagement announcements

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Fallout Nation

Brand development Participation: Strategy and hands-on work Brand development for a sky diving apparel & gear start up.

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Berts Big Adventure

Photography from Q100.5 send off for Berts Big Adventure

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Young Architects Forum

Branding & promotional materials

tuasFeature View Detail

The Urban Animal

The Urban Animal Scientist reached out to exclamation101 for brand help. The Urban Animal Scientist asked exclamation101 to conduct user reasearch about the exisistng brand and then propose a refresh (or even a complete rebrand, if needed) of The Urban …


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